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How To Make Your Cast-Iron Tub Look Brand New

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Over time, your tub might begin to look worn down and have chips or scratches. Many homeowners choose to replace the entire tub. However, you may be able to repair the tub with a resin and with a fiberglass putty. Preparing To Remove The Tub When a cast iron tub needs to be refinished, this can be accomplished by spraying an acrylic urethane resin. This approach can restore tubs that have become chipped or have been worn down. Before refinishing the tub, you will need to remove the caulk between the bathtub and the wall. Then, remove the drain cover and masks connected to the faucet. Cleaning The Tub Before adding the resin, thoroughly clean the tub. This will prevent anything from interfering with the resin. Ensure that all the soap scum has been removed by scraping any leftover scum with a razor blade. An alkaline emulsifier can further strip any residue off the bathtub. Then, an acid needs to be used to neutralize the emulsifier. Then, the cleaning process can be completed with a denatured alcohol. Filling Cracks With Fiberglass Putty Fiberglass putty is pushed into the cracks. The fiberglass is then allowed to harden. Then, the area needs to be sanded down. Depending on the degree of damage, it might be necessary to cover the entire tub with the putty. Applying the Resin The rest of the repair process can be very difficult because you will need to use a respirator and put on a special suit that protects you from exposure to the resin. You may want to instead hire a professional to complete this stage. You will need to apply a bonding agent that allows the resin to adhere to the tub. An acid can be used to etch the tub so that the resin better adheres, but the acid will need to be neutralized or it will cause damage to the tub and will also damage the environment. Make sure your ventilator is on. Use a spray gun to apply several coats of the urethane resin. Provide about 10 minutes for the resin to dry before applying more. Then, the resin will need to be buffed with a power buffer and an auto compound. Afterward, the bathtub can be buffed with a hand rag until the bathtub shines. Afterward, wait eight hours before using the bathtub. Then, your tub will look much shiner and new. Go to sites like this for more...

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Should You Get A Water Softener For Your Home?

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If you are a homeowner wondering whether or not you should have a water softener installed in your home, you should learn about the advantages and disadvantages they offer. By learning more about them, you can come to an educated decision on whether one will be a benefit to your home that makes it the right choice. The information below will provide you with the knowledge you need to come to the right decision. Advantages of water softeners Cleaner dishes: When you wash your dishes with hard water, the water can leave white deposits on them and this can cause them to look spotted and cloudy. On the other hand, soft water will leave the dishes looking clear and free of any spots. You’ll also notice cleaner sinks, tubs and toilets with soft water for the same reason. Healthier plumbing: Hard water will also allow a build-up of things such as iron and lime to occur in the plumbing pipes throughout your home. This build-up will continue to get thicker and thicker, leading to eventual clogs and other damage. The use of soft water will prevent this from happening and help your plumbing to require less repairs. Longer lasting water heater: The same hard water build-up that takes place in your plumbing will also happen inside your water heater. This can lead to the early demise of the water heater which can lead to a costly replacement. The soft water is much easier on the water heater. Softer skin: Hard water makes it more difficult for soaps and shampoos to dissolve and this means they leave a film on your skin. This film can cause you to have dry skin and cause clogged pores, leading to acne and skin irritation. Soft water allows your skin and hair to enjoy a true cleansing when you shower and this will leave you with shinier hair and softer, clearer skin. Disadvantages of water softeners Slippery skin: One of the disadvantages of soft water is it can take a while for you to get used to. When you shower, it will feel like your skin is slimy and this can be frustrating. However, the feeling of slipperiness actually comes from the fact that the soap isn’t sticking to you and this is actually a good thing. High in sodium: The water softening process can add more sodium to the water and this can make it a bad choice for anyone on a low sodium diet. Now that you understand the many benefits of having a water softener, you may want to go ahead with getting one. There are different types and models and this means you can shop around for one that fits your budget the best. Click here to learn...

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